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Battlefield 1

Game Features:

Dynamic environments and venues around the world.
Fights in the battlefield of France, Italy or the Arabian desert and experience the extent of a world war. Destroy enemy positions and leave huge craters in the ground. Dynamic weather effects and extensive destructive environments provide a realistic experience.

Game changing vehicles.
Use unique vehicles, such as tanks, biplanes or giant Behemoths, and decide the battle against the enemy. Fier with a huge airship at enemy positions, drive with an armor over the battlefield or use a battleship to attack coastal positions. It's your choice!

Five Playable Campaigns
Experience the first world war with different front men from different areas and play several gripping campaigns. Each campaign has its own story.

Multiplayer slaughter:
Fight as an infantryman or ride through the battle. Whether on land, in water or in the air. Take multiplayer battle with up to 64 players and decide on victory or defeat.

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