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Borderlands CD Key Steam

Borderlands sends up to four Coop players on the rugged planet Pandora to find a mysterious alien chamber. Unique First Person RPG gameplay. Create your character, explore the planet, and fight enemies in stunning FPS battles.

Co-Op Design:

Borderlands is designed from the ground up to provide an engaging, intuitive co-op experience for up to four players, rewarding players who work together and use coop skills. Splitscreen mode is also supported. "

FPS Gameplay:

In this RPG shooter you choose one of four powerful characters, each of which has individual skills. In the course of the fast-paced game, you can customize your character to your personal style.

Graphics style:

The distinctive graphics style combines traditional rendering techniques and hand-drawn textures to create a grandiose hinkucker among the FPS games.

Vehicle fighting:

Pinch yourself behind the wheel and crash into fast-paced vehicle-to-vehicle fights, with loads of spectacular explosions.

Remote Planet:

Searching for the Rwandan Planet Pandora after the legendary Aliens' Chamber. Fight your way through bandits, discover nine uniquespecies, and help the few settlers on the planet. The Chamber, it is said, contains an immeasurable treasure - if it exists at all.


Choose from literally hundreds of thousands of weapons, each with its own specifications and benefits. The revolutionary content generation system provides you with an almost immeasurable number of weapons that fit your game style.

Find now the best offer for Borderlands CD Key Steam and get to know the first part of extremely popular Borderlands' series. G4less will give you an opportunity to discover a dynamic and demanding FPS shooter. Start th digital download and go to Pandora!

  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Release Date:
  • Metacritic:81
  • Market price: €19.99
  • Web:Official Website
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