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Cities: Skylines

Build your very own industrial empire with Cities Skylines CD Key Steam! This city builder simulator is one of the most well-developed games and because of lot of different addons in Steam Workshop it is still being updated by the fans. Grab the best offer with G4less and save money while enjoying the demanding gameplay.

Cities: Skylines CD Key Steam

In Cities: Skylines you are the mayor and decide how the city has to look. The game includes an extensive traffic simulation, as well as many modding possibilities to design and exchange your own buildings and maps. As a first urban development simulation, Cities: Skylines has a dynamic water system that gives all rivers and bays a flow direction. You must think carefully where the sewage pipe should open, so that the process water flows off and does not pollute the water supply of the city.

Whether you are building or planning, whether financial administration or public relations in Cities: Skyline, you have the absolute control in a gigantic sandbox world. On the extensive maps you get the opportunity to enlarge and enlarge your cities. From modest beginnings to gigantic skyscrapers and unique architectural masterpieces.


Policy: Establish strategies to determine the direction in which the city and urban districts are to develop. Take care of your clean water supply. With freight centers and international airports, industry and tourism are flourishing.

City district: Name the city district according to your own ideas to give you a personal touch. Turn off buildings and services. Nightclubs, restaurants, bowling lanes and other recreational facilities will help keep citizens and tourists happy.


Control the finances of your city. Determine whether residential, shopping or industrial areas are developing.Road construction and long-distance transport: Build roads and divide them into zones. Crank business and industry by attracting customers from the neighboring cities. In addition, the new taxi service brings citizens and tourists comfortably through the city, while the new bus lanes and cycle paths make alternative travel possible.

Modding tools: Unlimited possibilities for free design

Run now prices comparison with G4less and make sure that you will get the best offer! Cities Skylines CD Key Steam will give you a fast access to desired game! Direct download, fast installation and... nothing more but a great gameplay. Create a perfect place to live and do not forget to keep your citizens happy!

  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Genre: Simulation, Strategy
  • Release Date:
  • Metacritic:85
  • Market price: €27.99
  • Web:Official Website
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