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The horror has offspring. Alma was pregnant and now you stand together with your brother in a real nightmare. You must work together if your Alma is facing and wants to defy her dangers. Take on the role of a genetically manipulated soldier who controls superhuman reflexes and time manipulation. Or decide for the spirit Paxton Fettel, who also has psychic powers.


  • Experience an angry atmosphere full of shocking moments, as well as action packed shot changes packed into a captivating story.
  • Play along with a friend in co-op mode. Both characters have different abilities, which can be combined in combat.
  • The revised Combat system has the slow-release function, point system, active 360-degree coverage, as well as combat robots. This is a frontal attack and the supernatural enemies fear you.
  • In the parallel dimension, called the "Almaversum", Alma still exists in the spirit. The entire dimension is contaminated by the Almaversum and thrown around with horrifying creatures.
  • The generative system allows F.E.A.R. 3 always changing player experiences. This generates random events so that each corner remains unpredictable.
  • With John Carpenter and Steve Niles, F.E.A.R gets prominent support. A unique story was written by Steve Niles. Through John Carpenter, the film sequences were edited in such a way that they are even more under the skin and are experienced closer.

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