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Fifa 17


Live the football field!

With "The Journey" EA gives you for the first time the opportunity to experience a football campaign with its own storytelling. You'll slip into the role of the young junior Alex Hunter and fight you through the season to the top. Make decisions in the course of the game and influence the story and the emotions and reactions of the team, as well as the audience. Do you stand the pressure of the premiere league?

Frostbite engine:

The in-house Frosbite engine awakens the football world in a new glow. Even more detailed by new game environments and more realistic graphics. Frostbite puts you through the exciting playing experience close up in the game and lets you feel the football lotions even closer.

This is reinforced by the realistic depiction of the characters as they were never seen before.

Build your own strategy:

With the various attack techniques you have the possibility to have an even bigger directional control on the ball and to put the opponent before larger problems.

Due to the increased player intelligence, the system can analyze your playing style and thus adapt the game to your advantage and disadvantage.

New pushback technology allows improved body utilization, resulting in new physical interaction. Whether in goalkeeper collisions, ball control during shielding or position battling.

Pro Clubs

Personalize your club even more individually with the new options for jerseys and coats of arms. A completely new player development allows a team co-operation like it never before in FIFA 17 existed.

Career Mode

The revised career mode gives each team a distinctive character, so that long-term goals must be shaped and fulfilled. The authentic club financial system gives you an overview of the club's income and sources of income. Keep an eye on everything, such as transfers, books, merchandising, gambling, travel expenses, stadium equipment and much more.

FIFA Ultimate Team:

For the first time ever, FIFA 17 will present a new competition in which you can qualify each week for the Weekend League and receive ingame rewards. Or complete challenges to get unique rewards. Download your team and play against your friends in the local off-line mode. In addition, you have the opportunity to give your team new designs for exclusive jerseys.

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