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Football Manager 2017

Become a football legend in Football Manager 2017!

Career Mode:

Choose from more than 2500 real football clubs and develop the team according to your wishes and decisions. In over 140 leagues and 50 national teams you have to prove yourself to a name and ultimately become one of the best managers.

Your strategy is brought to life:

Your tactical game plan can now be viewed in the 3D engine from any camera angle and experience real animations through motion capture. Improve your strategy and create complete game plans, which the opponents do not expect.

Varied your game plans and be prepared for each game!

Favorite of the media:

Interact with the media and use them to collect sympathy points. But choose wisely, because every word is written and can be used against you. Call the board to see your current media presence.

Discover Nachwuchsspieler:

Find new talent in over 600,000 real players and let them become the stars of tomorrow. Trade fair with AI managers to get the best talent under contract.

Training units:

Develop your own training plan with your employees and discover your own style of play. Perform individual training sessions to make your players the top goalkeepers.

Player Interaction:

Interact with your players and make them happy. But do not praise them too much, so they continue to give their best. Take care of unhappy players before the media gets wind of it.

Manage your finances, interact with the media, place the best players under contract, and lead your team to fame!

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  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Release Date: 04-11-2016

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