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Enter the battlefield and show no mercy to your opponents! Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns CD Key Official will give you an opportunity to join one of the biggest MMORPGs' universe. Vast land, dozen of quests, wide variety of equipment and enemies... Find out more and get now CD Key with G4less for the best price!

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns CD Key Official


  • Base game
  • Heart of Thorns Expansion

Join now the Guild Wars 2 universe and conquer the vast fantasy world. Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns CD Key Official  offers both standard gameplay and the expanded one in Manguuma jungle. Expand your battle experience. Start your trip to Tyria and reveal the deepest secrets.

With the new domination system, the player has the opportunity to experience a completely new way of character customization. Your hero has now the possibility to go beyond 80 level. In the jungle of Maguuma you will find, among other things, allies, ancient civilizations, but also hostile hordes.


  • The revised class specialization gives you new features, abilities, and other unique class characteristics.
  • Unleash your legendary powers with the new class "Rescuer". Now you are heavily armed warrior who can easily destroy numerous enemies at same time.
  • Create your own guild, gather friends and start the adventure together. 
  • The PvP mode has been extended with the "Fortress" modes. In doing so, you will have to collect supplies, create Trebuchets to defend your fortress and many, many more.
  • A lot of new, playble maps have been added. Fight against deadly enemies, traps and other dangers.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns CD Key Official will give you an infinite access to the game and digital download as the game does not require monthly subscription. Find now the best price with G4less comparison website and find the most affordable offer. 

  • Metacritic:90
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