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Mass Effect 3

Save the galaxy with Commander Shepard! The Reapers are about to destroy every living form of life! You have to gather crew, build alliances and battle your opponent. Get now the best price for Mass Effect 3 CD Key Origin with G4less and start your intergalactic journey.

Mass Effect 3 CD Key Origin

The "Reaper", an old alien race begins with the invasion of the earth. But not only the earth is in danger, the galaxy is also threatened to be destroyed. But Commander Shepard is already launching a counter-attack to save the world as we know it before the destruction.

Interactive Story:

Create your very personal Commander Shepard for your own ideas. Explore new planets, make alliances with the inhabitants, and form your army. It is up to you how strategically the war runs. It is up to you, whether you are now storming on the battlefield or rather planned to operate from the cover. You have the choice between melee attacks or destructive distance attacks. This creates your own playing experience, so that each decision involves an aftermath.

Play several passes and unlock all ends of the story. The story, as well as the end, is influenced by your decisions during the game. Discover the galaxy and its worlds. But be careful! Your opponents are waiting everywhere. Kill them with different tactics.


Invite up to 3 of your friends and fight with them to rescue the galaxy. Combined from a variety of races and classes the ultimate warrior and destroy your opponents with devastating weapons, powers and abilities.

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  • Publisher: BioWare Corporation
  • Genre: RPG, Action-adventure
  • Release Date:
  • Metacritic: 89
  • Web: Official Website
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