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Discover a new country full of treasures with Northgard CD Key Steam! The magical nordic lands, where only the bravest vikings are to discover its secrets. You can be the one to bring your gods the glory and create a new history for your people. Get the CD Key for the best price with G4less and start to play now!

Northgard CD Key Steam

When Vikings discover a new country called Northgard, they do not realize that besides the precious treasures there are additional dangers. But that does not stop them from setting new sails and exploring everything Northgard has to offer. Through commerce, conquests, and celebrations, they want to be included in the history books. Until then, however, undead warriors and shadow wolves are waiting for the Vikings. First, they must eliminate the danger and surrender the coldest winter before they can call the land their own.


  • Experience a strategic indie game like never seen before.
  • Control a Viking clan based on Nordic mythology.
  • Explore a newly discovered continent and reveal its secrets.
  • Complete alliances and team up against the enemie
  • Despite the ice cold dangers of Northgard and become rulers over the continent

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