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Spec Ops: The Line

Go to Dubai devastated by sand storms and discover the military conspiracy. Become the delta force soldier whose main goal is to secure citizens and... find out what happened to previous rescue team.  Spec Ops, The Line CD Key Steam will provide you with dynamic action and involving storyline. Check out now G4less in search for best offers!

Spec Ops: The Line CD Key Steam

6 months ago, the once metropolis of Dubai was swept by the sand storm from the map. The world's most fantastic city, Dubai, is now the most abundant ruin. Now this is your place of mission. Devastated by cataclysmic sand storms, the city now lies in ruins, taken back from the desert. Now, only the lawless here remain. Most people fled from the now barren wasteland, but U.S. Army Colonel John Konrad and the 33rd Infantry remained behind to fight.

While the U.S failed to contact someone in Dubai, the world believed Konrad and his team were dead. But then the U.S. Army receive a signal. Maybe the 33rd Infantry is still alive? You'll be in the role of Captain Walker, who, with his team of Delta Operators, has the mission to search for them in dangerous locations. There you and your men will experience madness. Look like a world shattered by the failure of great men. You will meet an enemy you have never expected. To fight, your soldiers must be ready to accept the consequences of their actions. You will run a line that separates your duty as a captain and the fulfillment of your mission.

There is no early escape from Dubai!


- Experience a military shooter with a unique narrative structure

- No ordinary third-person shooter. Learn the brutality of the war.

- Fight strategically. Use your soldiers to trick the enemy.

- Be overwhelmed by a great game world, as well as advanced graphics.

- Customize your class according to your wishes in the multiplayer mode.

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  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Release Date:
  • Metacritic: 76
  • Market price: €19.99
  • Web: Official Website
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