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Subnautica CD Key Steam

Subnautica CD Key Steam is a new game produced by Unknown Worlds Studio. You will take on the role of the only survivor of space ship's crash. Your tight but secure life-bucket floats on the ocean on a strange planet. Your main goal is to prepare this world for the reception of colonists from the earth. Unfortunately, you will not be supported by a trained army of engineers, the hero has to get to know the new world on his own.

Subnautica CD Key Steam is a survival game, but its authors put a hug emphasis on exploring the wondrous underwater world. Typical element for the genre is to meet the basic needs of the hero. The hunger and the thirst are present and very important, but first and foremost Subnautica is a submarine tour. The game is in a very early stage of production, the most advanced options are still unavailable.

Game's authors have started the project in order to shape it mainly according to the suggestions of the fans. In each beginning of the game in Subnautica, we land in a random place. We only have a diving outfit and a couple of goods that we need to use to create new items or simple constructions. The creation system itself is simple and convenient. The main problem is to find the necessary components. At the beginning, the most needed material will be metal waste, pieces of our broken ship - without it we cannot build additional oxygen cylinders, which allow for a longer immersion, or even a simple knife.

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  • Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
  • Genre: Indie, Early Access, Adventure
  • Release Date:
  • Market price: €19.99
  • Web: Official Website
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