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S.K.B.B Is a fast paced local multiplayer extravaganza built for 2-4 players.
Control your Cube Kitty (left analog stick), boing/attack using your psychic powers (X,Y,A,B) and Nya (RB) your way to victory!

  • Local 2-4 player multiplayer
  • 3 Game Modes (SEE BELOW)
  • 13 Maps
  • Colour Customisation
  • Facewear Customisation
  • Headwear Customisation
  • Awesome songs provided by AzureFlux
  • kawaii noises provided by CreamBRabbit

Hit your opponents with your psychic powers to make them drop coins.
Once dropped, these coins can be picked up by anyone.
Make sure you are the player with the most coins at the end of 90 seconds.

A straight out fight to the death.
Hit your opponents with your phychic powers to make them loose hearts.
Once a player loses all of their hearts, they are eliminated.
Last player standing Is the winner.

Your aim Is to obtain the Toast and become the Toast Kitty!
If you are hit while In posession of the toast, you will drop the toast.
Be the Toast Kitty at the end of 90 seconds to win.


  • Publisher: Pixelated Panties
  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Release Date: 03-03-2016
  • Market price: €5.99
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