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The Surge

Are you ready to become the powerful hero? Save the world! Everyone is counting on you! With G4less you can find the best price for The Surge CD Key Steam a science fiction, dynamic RPG. Imagine the futuristic world dominated by machines. Humanity is on the edge of extinction and you can be the last hope for its survival.

The Surge CD Key Steam

First working day and a terrible accident? That is how the story begins. Wake up and feel the new body - powerful exoskeleton is fully equipped with a lethal arsenal. Suddenly both machines and your former colleagues wish you dead... The Sruge CD Key Steam world is lived by heavily armed robots and modified humans whose bodies seemed not enough for the futuristic demands. The challenge seems to be extremely tough. 


  • Deadly enemies in challenging battles. Boss battles unavoidable.
  • Use your direct combat techniques and destroy enemies at close range.
  • Brutal separation of limbs and other gore effects included ;)
  • Use your tactics to develop your own attack pattern.
  • Lightning attacks to weaken the enemy, or rather slow attacks but effective destruction? The choice is yours.
  • The dynamic target system will show you the limbs of your adversaries, so you can attack them first. Gain the advantage in a battle.
  • A revolutionary crafting system allows you to choose your own body.
  • Grab armor pieces from the fallen. Customize them and upgrade in order to become the ultimate killer machine.

Ready for the final encounter? Check out the best deals with G4less and get the best price for The Surge CD Key Steam. Use the CD Key to start a direct, digital download and prepare for battle!

  • Genre: RPG, Science Fiction
  • Release Date:
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