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Titanfall 2

The long-awaited sequel to Respawn Entertainment!


Experience a fluid and gripping game experience.

Exciting singleplayer campaign
After a militia soldier, Jack Cooper, lands on a strange planet after a failed mission, he meets a veteran Titan of the Vanguard class. With these, he is now working on a partnership to work together with their combinable abilities to make a journey into the depths of the enemy territory and thus complete the mission.

More intense multiplayer action
With six brand new Titans, a variety of deadly new weapons, equipment and enhanced pilot capabilities, Titanfall 2 offers a fast-paced multiplayer experience that will once again revolutionize the genre of shooter genres.

Customize your Titan:
The new customization system allows you to create unique titans, pilots and loadouts. Personalize it to your taste to create a unique character.

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  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
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