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Tom Clancy’s The Division

When the society collapse, your mission begins. Find the way to defend those who are defenseless and bring back the peace to New York city. Ubisoft has created a demanding action - MMORPG which will suit genre's fans. Check out the best prices for Tom Clancy's The Division CD Key Uplay via G4less and save money!

Tom Clancy's The Division CD Key Uplay

New York City on Black Friday. A pandemic breaks out and the basic supply of the population is slowly but surely subsiding. Chaos breaks out after just a few days. The Division is alerted to operate independently and to remedy the chaos.

Strategic features:

Communicate with your team and improve your skills to recognize the truth behind the outbreak of the pandemic. Use the echo capability and analyze the environment so you can get more information from the current location. Secret treasures, ammunition and weapons are displayed to you by technological progress.

Living world of games:

Experience a high-quality living world where daytime and weather conditions play a crucial role. In addition, the deadly virus is distributed everywhere, and players have to move with their gas mask through less or heavily contaminated areas.


Create a team with your friends and turn off your opponents. Achieve goals and get the morale of the inhabitants of New York. Back up new bases and take over New York for your team. But at any time, reckon with danger!

Frosty streets of New York are waiting for a savior. Grab Tom Clancy's The Division CD Key Uplay, gather friends and survive in unfriendly conditions. Are you strong enough to discover the truth about the epidemic? With G4less you will find most affordable offers. Start the digital download and begin the fight!

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre: Action, RPG, Adventure
  • Release Date: 07-03-2016
  • Metacritic: 79
  • Market price: €59.99
  • Web: Official Website
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