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Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts will take you back to the times where The Great World War has challenged millions of people. With Battlefield I CD Key Origin you will be able to take part in a tragic yet heroic legends. Take a look at G4less, save money and choose the best offer.

Real heroes are known for their deeds

Battlefield 1 CD Key Origin main features:

Dynamic environments and regions:

Fight in the battlefield of France, Italy or the Arabian desert and experience the extent of the world war. Attack enemy positions and leave huge craters in the ground due to military actions real-time behaviour. Dynamic weather effects and destructive attacks provide an exciting, realistic experience.

Wide variety of vehicles:

Use unique military vehicles such as tanks, biplanes, giant Behemoths and battle against the enemy. Take control over huge aircraft and destroy enemy's positions from above or choose land machinery. You can also attack coastal positions with enormous and powerful battleships. The choice is yours! 

Five Playable Campaigns

Experience the first world war from different points of view. Both men and women - fearless soldiers will introduce to you different areas and several gripping campaigns. Battlefield 1 creates a fine opportunity to get to know the truth about war.

Multiplayer slaughter:

Fight as an infantryman or ride through the battle ground while being a cavalryman. Fight on land, in water or in the air. Find an advantage point and use it for your own benefit. Take part in exciting battles where 64 players can meet.

Are you willing to take part in a demanding conflict and discover breathtaking stories? Get know Battlefield 1 CD Key Origin for the best price with G4less and test your combat skills. You will definitely need them.

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