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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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Experience epic space battles in the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare!

Hollywoodlike Campaign:

The earth is under aattack. Now it is up to the special pilot, Captain Reyes, to unite all remaining coalition groups and lead a war against the enemy. At the same time, with their war ship and their home base, "Retribution", the troops are to start the battle for life and freedom.

Improved Multiplayer mode:
Infinite Warfare digital download offers players a unique and dynamic movement system to create a completely new player experience. New numerous customization options and a reworked combat system give players almost unlimited freedom for tactical attacks on the available arenas. Players also have the opportunity to complete a challenge to increase their level. Thereby you can get Rewards, as well as additional EP, unique items and special equipment

Space Zombies:
Go back in time! The players are sent back to the past. In 1980, Infinite Warfare's zombie mode takes the player to a deserted amusement park, including driving venues, game halls, and a roller coaster. Powerups and other extras can also be reused to provide an unparalleled co-op experience. All supported by a grandiose soundtrack.

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