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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Return to Mordor with Middle-Earth: Shadow of War CD Key Steam. The continuation of Shadow of Mordor will bring you once again a breathtaking J.R.R. Tolkien's universe. Become a master warrior who is not affraid of pure evil and hordes of beasts. Check out now the best deals with G4less and save money!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War CD Key Steam

Return to Mordor and once again meet with epic heroes, villains, locations and many, many more.  Conquer fortresses, make friends or enemies and face the dark Lord Sauron again. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War CD Key Steam continues the story known from the former game, which has won over 50 awards. The creators put a huge emphasis on improving their production in order to deliver the best gaming experience. You will have an opportunity to have a better insight into Talion's and Celebrimbor's past as well as Mordor's history.


  • Slip again into the role of the resurrected ranger Talion. Capture the fortresses and confront armies of the dark master lead by Nazguls themselves.
  • The revised nemesis system offers new types of opponents, as well as stronger personalities and individual stories.  Be careful! Choose wisely between being an enemy or a friendly approach. The next meeting can uncover the truth about your lethal opponent or close, helpful ally.
  • Set all Mordor regions up against Sauron and go behind enemy lines. It is up to you which strategy you wish to follow. A violent approach or a cunning one? At Sauron's gates all ideas seem meaningful.
  • Customize your character individually and choose from a variety of enhancements and weapons in the reward system to improve gaming experience.

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  • Издатель: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Жанр: Action-adventure, TPP (Third Player Perspective)
  • Дата Релиза:
  • Metacritic: 84
  • Веб: Официальный Веб-сайт
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