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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Get now Civilization VI CDKey for Steam and start a fast download. This game will test your skills and turn you into a strategic genius. Get ready for the challenge and run the offer comparison with G4less!

Build, Conquer, Inspire!

Main features of Civilization VI CDKey:

Unlimited construction possibilities:
Use extended fields and fully exploit the terrain of your empire. There are no limits for your building skills!

New, undiscovered land:
Civilization VI digital download let you explore new technologies to continue the progress of your civilization. Explore the area and discover new cultures. Use your units and send them to explore game's world actively.

Dynamic diplomacy:
Interact with other civilizations and develop your conflict resolutions through energetic approaches or let alliances arise to conduct peaceful negotiations. The age plays an important role for all parties so plan your moves carefully.

Enhanced units:
Civilization VI has improved some of the old solutions. You will be able to use the extension of the well-known "one unit per field" principle to structure different units. Use the anti-tank unit to support the infantry or a warrior for a settler group. Other units can be combined with stronger ones.

Gain even more fun with your friends! Civilization VI provides a demanding multiplayer mode which has been greatly improved. 

Take the leap into one of the most popular strategies with GK4less and find the most affordable offer for Civilization VI CD Key.

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