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Join the notorious hack group:
In Watch Dogs 2, you slam into the role of Marcus, a brilliant young hacker, and connects you to the hack group DedSec. Hack the system of the city and use the corrupt monitoring system ctOS 2.0, which now connects the entire city to your advantage. Defeat the corrupt companies that abuse ctOS 2.0 and give people their freedom again.

New location in sunny San Francisco:
Experience a new, freely discoverable backdrop and discover numerous gameplay possibilities in the Area Bay. Use the rooftops of the dynamic city and infiltrate the enemy. Or do not let anything burn, hack off traffic, and take part in wild persecution.

Use your weapon:
In addition to numerous firearms, Marcus has a special part. His hacking module. Manipulate the streets of San Francisco and hang your chasers at the hacked traffic lights. Hack in databases and control the masses. Varied ways to start a hack, such as controlling drones, cars, and even cranes. Any connected device can be hacked.

Develop your style:
Invade the system of your opponents and complete the mission without further losses or connect your hacking skills with your shotguns and spread your enemies. From 3D printers to quadrocopter drones. Your approach is almost unlimited.

In the open game world you have the opportunity to stay in touch with your friends during the campaign. Start with a co-op or PvP mode and extend your Watchdog playing experience!

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